Our Little Monster’s 1st Birthday

I can’t believe our baby Henry is already a year old plus a couple of months because this post is very delayed (more on that later).  Since day one we called him our little monster so what better theme for a 1st birthday than monsters!

I made him a homemade vanilla cake with buttercream frosting for his smash cake.  It didn’t quite come out the way I was expecting (Pinterest fail!), but he didn’t seem to mind.  Note to first time parents, don’t worry so much about that smash cake, it means more to you than them.  If only I had known this before my meltdown when it didn’t turn out right.  Of course, I was more excited about it than he was but he did enjoy for a few minutes :).

For food, I kept it simple for a 1 year old’s party…pizza (his favorite food), calzones and salad.  This also meant that I didn’t have to cook!  But the dessert table is where I spent most of my efforts with the monster theme.


The cake was ordered from a local bakery and we used the image from the invitation.  I had so many ideas for a cake, but really didn’t want to spend $100 for 1st birthday cake.  It ended up coming out great and we only spent about $30.  We also had “1” cookies, chocolate covered Oreos and chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treats.  Of course everything had the candy eyes, which I bought at Michael’s, to make them look like monsters.

Henry loved his party and it was his last hurrah before his baby brother arrived!  And that is why this post is soooo delayed.