Laundry/Mud Room Status Update

I recently shared the finished product of Part 1 of our finished basement project, but Part 2 still has a little ways to go.  I literally have dreams about my finished laundry room and mud room.  I have been doing laundry in a dingy unfinished basement for 2 ½ years and I am a little too excited for the first time I do laundry in my new room.  Overall, I am going for a farmhouse look for this room.

So far, here is what we have done:

Walls are up!

Windows have been replaced.

Plumbing and electricity are ready to go.

The ceiling is half done.  This has been the biggest obstacle we have had in this room.  Since it is an older house, the plumbing isn’t tucked up into the floorboards.  My husband and I must have gone back and forth a million times on what we wanted to do with the ceiling without paying a ton to have all of the plumbing moved.  We considered doing a full drop ceiling or just leaving it open and painting it.

We finally decided on doing a normal ceiling for most of the room where the plumbing is not an issue and a drop ceiling for the small area of the room where it is an issue.  We want to make sure we have access to the pipes and shutoffs just in case, but we didn’t want to do a drop ceiling for the entire room as it is not the prettiest option and it also lowers the ceiling height quite a bit.  The normal ceiling is done and the drop ceiling portion will be one of the last things to do in the room.

Here is where we started.

And, here are some progress pictures.

What we have left to do:

The floor.  We decided on the below wood look tile from Home Depot.  We are a little more than half way done and it looks amazing.  I can’t wait to share pictures of the finished floor.  This has been my first experience with laying tile and I secretly love it.


The sink.  The house came with this amazing old cement sink that just needs to be put back into place on a new base that my husband built and connected to the plumbing.  It seems easy, but it is one heavy sink!

Move the washer and dryer into their new, beautiful home!

Replace the exterior door.  We are going with a door that has a lot of glass so that we get some natural light.

Then, the decorating begins…

Paint – the walls will be painted the same Benjamin Moore White Dove that we used in the playroom.

Cabinets/Shelving.  I plan to put some base cabinets in for storage and some open shelving with a hanging bar above the washer and dryer.  I am going with the cheap unfinished cabinets from Home Depot.  Since it is just a laundry room I couldn’t bring myself to spend a lot of money on the few cabinets I am putting in.  And, I couldn’t find anything in the color I was looking for.  I painted them Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray.  These are all set for hardware and to be put into place.  I’ll share some more details in an upcoming post on painting these cabinets.

Countertops. I’m putting my husband to work on this and he is going to make some wood plank countertops to go over the washer and dryer and the cabinets.

Backsplash – Definitely going with the white subway tile for this.

744704354976Barn door between the laundry room and playroom.

Mud room.  This part of the room probably won’t happen for a little while.  My husband is going to build lockers and a bench to go along the wall with the washer and dryer.

I know it still seems like a lot of work, but once the floor is done and everything is moved into the room, the rest is just the fun stuff!