Finished Basement Dreams

When we moved into our house over 2 ½ years ago, there weren’t too many major projects we needed/wanted to take on immediately.  We painted a lot (one more room to go!), did some small DIY projects around the house to make it our own, spent a lot of time doing some landscaping and gardening and replaced the furnace and had central A/C installed.  The bathrooms were already all updated.  The kitchen, although it is not my dream kitchen, was already somewhat updated and is perfect especially after getting a gas stove.  I do have plans for it if I win the lottery someday or if anyone wants to donate a new kitchen to me and I will promise to blog about it…a girl can dream :).  The only thing we (or I) really wanted to do eventually was finish more of the basement and create my dream laundry/mud room that I had to give up on when we bought the house.

Well if you have been reading my blog, you know that we recently had a baby boy.  Last summer when we found out we were pregnant we decided it was time to give the green light on this project.  The basement had a small finished area, but we wanted the space to be a little bigger so that it could be a playroom where we could hide all of the toys and crap that a baby comes with.  The way the room was designed we couldn’t get a couch down there and after trying every angle to move the couch I finally understood why the previous owners offered to sell us the custom bench they built down there.  I felt like I was in that episode of Friends when Ross is trying to move the couch up the stairs…PIVOT!

In addition to making the playroom bigger and actually useful, we also decided to build me that dream laundry/mud room.  Our laundry is currently in the unfinished basement and although I didn’t mind going up and down to do laundry (except when I was 8 months pregnant), I did mind the dirtiness of it no matter how many times I swept and cleaned.  We are still leaving a large area unfinished for storage and a workbench area for my husband.

Part 1 of the project, the playroom, is done and Part 2, the laundry/mud room, is sooooo close to being done.  But, to be honest, things slowed way down once Henry came along!

Here is the original floorplan and the new floorplan.

Original Floorplan

New Floorplan

And, here are some before pictures.


Laundry Room Area


Laundry Room Area


Playroom (from listing photo)

Check back to see the finished playroom and a status update on that dream laundry/mud room of mine!



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