Master Bedroom Update

We started our master bedroom overhaul over two years ago.  We knew after buying a new house we weren’t going to be able to afford to buy furniture right away, but we at least got the walls painted.  You can see the dramatic change we made with paint alone here.  This past year we finally finished our master bedroom with new furniture and linens.  I didn’t go with all white and gray as I had planned and decided on more color for this room.  Here is the finished product!

The furniture is from Ethan Allen.  We went with the brownstone finish on everything which is a true brown and not reddish at all.  It looks great with the dark gray walls.  The bedding and curtain sheers are from Pottery Barn.  The lamps are from Home Goods, but they are probably getting moved to another room as soon as I find something that goes with the decor a little better.  And, I still would love to get a bench of some kind for under the window.  Maybe I will get lucky at Home Goods one day soon :).

The only thing left to do is take on our walk in closet.  It is huge, but it could use paint, minor adjustments to the organization and maybe a chandelier!


Avocado and Corn Salad

When we were in the Hamptons a few summers ago, we got this amazing avocado and corn salad at a specialty grocery store.  I think it cost like $15 for a small container, which is outrageous.  So, I took a picture of the ingredients and tried to recreate it once I got home.  You can make it for a large crowd or for one!  I made it for Henry’s Baptism BBQ.  It is always a big hit at parties and it is a perfect summer snack with all of the fresh ingredients (some of which we have growing in our garden).

Avocado Corn Salad - LiveDineParty








Lime juice


Olive oil

Salt & pepper

The amount of each item really depends on how many you are making it for and there is no wrong quantity of each item.  For example, I personally despise cilantro and my husband loves it (it is a battle in our house) so I try to keep that ingredient to a minimum.  For the lime juice, honey and olive oil you just want enough to coat everything so start by adding it slowly.  I usually start with half a lime and just drizzle the olive oil and honey.