Status Update

Well things have certainly changed around here over the last few months…we are now a family of three!!!


Our little guy surprised us a couple of weeks early and since the moment we welcomed our king Henry into the world we have been so in love and enjoying every moment with him.  He has given us lots of sleepless nights, smiles, and snuggles!

During my time off I have really thought about whether or not I wanted to continue my blog.  Let’s be honest, I have been kind of neglecting it over the last year as life was happening.  But, after much thought I have decided to get back at it.  I truly enjoy sharing my life moments, my favorite recipes, and my love of party planning.  I am nearing the end of my maternity leave (insert tears here) and I am ready to jump back into this blog.

So, what can you expect going forward???

More consistent posts.  I would love to post once a week, but with a newborn I want to keep my goals a little more realistic. So, you can expect a post at least monthly, but hopefully more frequently.

This will NOT turn into a mommy blog.  Although I won’t be able to completely ignore my new role as a mommy, I will stay true to what this blog was intended to be about…life, food and parties 🙂

I have some exciting posts coming up so stay tuned!





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