Painting Knotty Pine

I recently shared with you our dramatic office makeover.  Part of that makeover included painting the built-ins and covering up the knots that were bleeding through.  Pine is a soft wood that often shows many dark and deep knots.  These will show through if you just try painting without priming first, even with several coats of paint.  We used Kilz Premium, which is a primer, sealer and stain blocker to help prevent this from happening again.

IMG_1045Below are the steps to getting these annoying knots from showing through…

  • Sand the surface just to scuff up the surface.
  • Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to clean off any dust from sanding.
  • Apply the Kilz Premium according to the manufacturers instructions.  Prime the entire surface to ensure a uniform appearance of the topcoat.
  • Let it dry overnight before applying a second coat.  If the knots are still bleeding through you may want to apply an additional coat.
  • Once the final coat is completely dry, apply the paint of your choice.  I used Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select in eggshell finish in Yorktowne Green.

Here are some before and after pictures.  The built-ins are looking much better these days!

Knotty Pine - LiveDineParty


Knotty Pine - LiveDineParty


After two coats of Kilz

After two coats of Kilz

The finished product


Dramatic Office Makeover

Well I said we had been busy this Spring and now I’m finally getting around to sharing some of it.

I hate to admit this, but our office has been the single most neglected room since we moved into our house over a year ago.  The walls, which were painted either a pale yellow or an off-white of some kind, were dirty and a complete disaster with marks and nail holes.  The ceiling also had a black tint to it (which I didn’t realize was that bad until I started putting fresh white paint on it).  The room has some great built-ins, but the knots from the pine were starting to bleed through the white paint.  Our furniture was also not my favorite, the desk and the chair were both a little bulky.  So, the room had a lot of potential, but needed a lot of love!  Here are some before pictures to give you an idea…

Office Makeover - LiveDineParty Office Makeover - LiveDineParty

After looking at paint colors and design ideas for weeks and months, I finally decided to take on this room!  Part of the reason why I think I put it off for so long is that it needed a lot of help and it wasn’t going to be a quick project.   But, a cloudy and cool day during a week of vacation this Spring helped get me going.  First, I spent at least a day prepping the walls.  Spackling, sanding and spackling again, followed by wiping down the walls and moulding.  Needless to say, I was completely covered in dust, but I made sure to wear a mask for this room!

Now for our design plan…

We decided to make this room a little different from the rest of our house and paint all of the trim, built-ins and walls the same color.  It is a look I have been admiring on Pinterest, but nervous to try myself.  For the color, I let my husband make this decision since he uses the office most.  I know, that is another major risk, but of course I provided some (or lots of) guidance.  When I picked up a sample of his color choice and put it on the wall it scared me, a dark teal that would cover the trim, built-ins and walls.  Of course I panicked…it was way too dark and there was going to be no white trim to break up the color.  I stared at the sample for about a week trying to convince my husband that it was too dark, but that is what he wanted.  I also think the yellow/cream/off-white background did not help make the paint color look its best.  So I decided to just give in and let him have the color he wanted since I pretty much picked out everything else in the house.

The color choice…Yorktowne Green by Benjamin Moore (HC-133).  (Note:  I don’t have a fancy camera and the color was hard to capture in pictures so make sure to check it out on the Benjamin Moore website.)  I have to give my husband credit for pushing this color because I absolutely love it!  And I don’t miss the white trim.  I love that this room has a different look than the rest of the house.  And, of all the rooms I have painted, this room has been the most fun.  The only edge I had to worry about was the ceiling edge, everything else was getting painted the same color.  The built-ins especially look amazing and I’ll provide some details in an upcoming post on how I prepped and painted them to prevent the knots from bleeding through in the future.

The furniture…

We found an old desk at our town dump and refinished it.  It was our first refinishing project, but we are pretty happy with how it turned out.  Stay tuned for the steps for refinishing the desk.  It is a much cleaner look than the old desk and makes the room feel bigger.  We just had to get creative in order to hide everything we had stored in that old desk!  The ugly chair still exists for now, but we are on the hunt.

Here are some pictures of how it turned out.

Office Makeover - LiveDineParty

Office Makeover - LiveDineParty


I think I will be using this room a little more now 🙂