Quick and Easy Chair Refresh

A while back I promised to provide some details on a cute chair I added to our guest bedroom.  Well, I am finally getting around to sharing this easy and quick update.  It is always nice to have a chair of some kind in your guest bedroom, but honestly buying more accent furniture when you are trying to furnish an entire house can get add up fast.  We got this chair from my in-laws.

The Before...

The Before…

I love the overall look of it, but the color and the design painted on the back just didn’t go with our style.  And well, it felt a little out-dated for our house.

First, I sanded the chair with 80 grit sandpaper.  The surface was really smooth and shiny, so the purpose of the sanding was just to help the paint stick to the surface better.  You do not need to sand it down to bare wood.  This is what the chair looked like after sanding.

After sanding...

After sanding…

Then I wiped the surface down with a damp cloth to get all of the dust off.  Once the chair was completely dry, I spray painted it.  I used my go to spray paint, Rustoleum.  This chair is done in their white satin finish spray paint.  I like to do multiple light coats instead of one heavy coat to avoid drips, especially with all of the crevices on this particular chair.  There is quite a bit of down time with this project as you have to wait for it to dry and flip it over to get into all crevices, but the actual work time is fairly quick and easy.

By the way, this is a good job to do outside and make sure it is not too windy :).  And now it is a nice little addition to our guest bedroom for under $10!

And the After...

And the After…


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