Guest Bedroom Update

It didn’t take long for me to pick up a paint brush again once the cooler weather came.  We recently gave our guest bedroom a little update just in time for holiday guests. It started out as an interesting color combination.  Above the chair rail was a tan, below was a teal and the trim was an off-white.

LiveDineParty - Guest Bedroom

I decided to go with yellow and white trim because (a) I really like yellow and I knew I didn’t want to use it in any other room in the house and (b) I knew it would really brighten up the room and go good with the bedding.  If you have ever painted a room yellow, you know yellow is not an easy color to pick out.  Every paint color changes based on the lighting in the room, but yellow is really dependent on the lighting so I was shocked that it only took me two paint samples to find the right yellow.  The top color is Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4) and the bottom color is Benjamin Moore Weston Flax (HC-5).

LiveDineParty - Guest BedroomAlthough I loved pictures I saw online of the Hawthorne Yellow, it was just a little too bright and yellow in the room so we decided to go with the Weston Flax, which is a little softer.

Here are some before and after pictures.


LiveDineParty - Guest Bedroom

Lots of spackle was needed in this room too.



In Progress – Walls painted, but not the trim


The updated guest room. I will be sharing a DIY update to the chair you see in the corner soon! And, sorry but that amazing painting you see is a one of kind, painted by me 🙂


The updated guest bedroom.

It still needs a few small decorating touches, but it is a great improvement.  This leaves us with only an empty bedroom, an office, and a den left to paint.  It seems like a lot, but compared to where we started I feel like we are so close to having the whole house repainted.


2 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Update

    • Yes, thank you to the hubby for changing all of the outlets so they are white and they match…and also thank you for not electrocuting yourself 🙂


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