Cheese Platter

Creating the perfect cheese platter is a must for any host/hostess.  Whether it is for a wine and cheese party, appetizer or just a snack, cheese platters are great for any occasion.  It is so simple, but the presentation can make it look much more extravagant.  There are so many different ways to do a cheese platter, but any cheese platter should have some sort of the following:  (1) cheese, (2) a vehicle to eat the cheese, (3) something sweet and (4) an extra spread.

This cheese platter was created as a Sunday afternoon snack for me and the hubby.  There is no reason why you can’t make a snack fancy 🙂

Cheese Platter - LiveDineParty

The Cheese

I chose to do a Brie and an Italian hard cheese called Brenta Stagionato.  I am not super adventurous (some may even call it very picky) when it comes to cheese and I like the milder varieties, but you could choose from a million different cheeses to suit your taste.  I actually went to a fancy wine and cheese shop to buy the cheese and it was so fun to taste all of the different cheeses and pick something I liked with the help of someone who knew what they were talking about.  Certainly more expensive than the grocery store, but so worth it.


I added some honey (Savannah Bee Company wildflower honey from our weekend getaway) as an extra spread, sliced apples (from our recent annual apple picking adventure), and grapes (no exciting story here…they are just from the grocery store).  I used simple water crackers as the vehicle so that the flavors of the cheese would stand out, but a sliced baguette is also always a good choice.

The options for accompaniments to a cheese platter are endless.  You could add just about anything and it would be delicious.  Depending on the season, you might want to change-up the type of fruit you use.  And for a more hearty platter you may want to add some meats such as salami or prosciutto (I truly believe that if you add prosciutto to anything it makes it better…yes, a true Italian)


I have a great slate cheese board that my mom found on super sale somewhere so, unfortunately, I do not have details on where you can find it.  But, it comes with these little chalkboard labels that you can write the types of cheese on it or I can also write with chalk right on the board.  I never thought I needed a cheese board, but I was so wrong!



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