Porch Rocker

We have a small front porch at our house and since we bought the house we have been dreaming about a pair of rocking chairs to sit in.  We had the option of (1) buying a couple of cheaper chairs and sacrificing quality, (2) spending quite a bit for quality chairs, or (3) being patient and waiting for quality chairs to surface on Craigslist for a cheaper price.  We chose option #3 and finally the almost perfect pair of rocking chairs surfaced on Craigslist for $125 for both!

I say “almost perfect” because the chairs were mint green.

Porch Rocker - LiveDineParty

We decided to paint them black, which looks perfect with our white house and black shutters.

Steps for refreshing rocking chairs:

1.  Sand the wood.  The amount of sanding will depend on the condition.  These chairs were in pretty good condition so I used 80 grit to get the dirt off and to roughen up the surface so the paint would go on smoother.  There were a few drips from previous painting that I spent a little extra time on, but it was a fairly quick sanding job.  Here is what the chair looked like after sanding.

Porch Rocker - LiveDineParty

2.  Clean the chairs with a damp rag to get the dust and dirt off from sanding.

3.  Once the chairs are completely dry, tape and cover any areas that you do not want to get paint on.  The trick to painting these chairs was properly covering the woven seat and back so that I didn’t get paint all over it.  I had to get creative to cover the woven backing so that I could get in the small spaces without getting paint everywhere.  I wrapped the back of the seat with a trash bag, which actually worked great.  I also thought of Saran wrap after I had already put the trash bag on.  Anything that you can wrap tight and that won’t allow paint to bleed through will work.  If you have a full wooden chair, you don’t have to worry about this step.

Porch Rocker - LiveDineParty Porch Rocker - LiveDineParty

4.  Time to paint!  I used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Latex Paint in black semi-gloss, which will withstand being outdoors.  Because of the woven seat, I decided to paint it with a brush instead of spray painting.  Apply the first coat of paint.  It took two coats to cover that mint green.  It is always better to do two lighter coats than to try to do one heavy coat and end up with drips everywhere.  Let it dry completely and apply a second coat.  Also, I had to flip the chairs over to get to all of the areas so don’t worry if you don’t cover everything at first.

5.  Once the chair is 100% painted and dry, carefully remove any tape and covering from the chair.  Use a very small touch up brush to get into any crevices that you may have missed because of the tape.

6.  Enjoy some stoopin’ in your rocking chairs!

Here is a before and after picture of the rocking chairs.

Porch Rocker - LiveDineParty

Now they are ready for their new home on our front porch.  Stay tuned for the full reveal of our Fall Porch this week!




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