Entryway Table – Before

What did I get myself into???  I recently made my first Craigslist furniture purchase.  It definitely needs some love but I’m excited about getting started on refinishing it.  My husband and I really love the look of antique or repurposed furniture and this will be our first attempt at refinishing something.  They also don’t make furniture the way they used to.  So if it comes out right, this will be a quality wood table for a very reasonable price.

Anyone have any tips they have learned from experience that they can share?  Every time I walk by it I get a little more nervous about starting this project.

Here are some before pictures.  It is a traditional gate leg table.  The leaves fold up to make a larger table, but we will be keeping them folded down for our entryway.  It is the perfect size table for this spot.

Gate Leg Table - LiveDineParty Gate Leg Table - LiveDineParty

Gate Leg Table - LiveDineParty

Don’t hold your breath, it could be a while before I can post some pictures of the finished product!

But, here is my inspiration.




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