6 Months In…

It has been a little over 6 months since we moved into our new house (well actually closer to 7 months now, but things have been crazy now that it is summer and this post has been a little delayed).  Time flies!  In the first picture I posted from the day we closed, the house is covered in snow.  Here are few pics of the house now that it is summer and you can see why we fell in love with this house 🙂


LiveDineParty LiveDinePartyLiveDinePartyLiveDineParty


It has been so much fun making this our home and taking on all of the little surprises that home ownership has in store for us.

In addition to all of the decorating and furniture shopping we have done, in the past 6 months we have painted the kitchen, family room (and built ins, which were their own project), hallways, downstairs bathroom, master bedroom and master bathroom.  A lot of painting help came from my in-laws…thank you!.  I think I will be taking a break from painting for the rest of summer and take on the guest rooms and office in the Fall.  Anyone want to help???

We have changed out all of the electrical outlets and light switches in the areas we have painted to be all white instead of the random mismatched selection we had in the house.  A small change, but a big difference!

We have updated the plumbing for our washing machine, with the help of my dad. Who would have known the washing machine and dryer were going to break 1 week after we moved in…surprise!  Thank you to some family who gave us their washer/dryer that wasn’t being used.

We changed all of the locks and updated some of the hardware.  This was of course after I locked myself out of the house while my husband was away and had to call a locksmith to help me get in.  In my defense it was not my fault.  When we bought the house we were only given one key to the front door.  The previous owners did not have keys to any other doors or the deadbolt on the front door.  When I left for work one day, the deadbolt slightly turned itself and slightly locked.  With no other keys, I was stuck outside.

Lately, we have been spending our weekends outside cutting the grass and learning some landscaping techniques from my mom.  Our roses, hydrangeas and many other flower variations have been amazing!

LiveDineParty LiveDineParty LiveDineParty

And, we are planning a major project to add central A/C and update our heating system from oil to gas in the next couple of weeks.  The heating system is very old and it stopped working twice for me this winter and when my husband was away…perfect timing.  It is July and hot, and I am dreaming about our central A/C.  This project is underway and our gas line has been installed.  Here is a peak at what the construction looked like.


And, there are a million other things that have kept us busy over the last 6 months.  Yes, we are officially home owners and loving every minute of it 🙂



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