Master Bedroom

I had previously mentioned that I had taken on a bit of a project.  That project was getting rid of the horrible Harvest Gold color that had taken over our master bedroom!  I have no idea what the actual brand and name of the paint color is, but that is name we came up with.  Not only were the walls painted that color, but all of the trim and doors were painted that color as well.  And, there were also splotches of it on the ceiling as a result of a bad paint job.  Although we eventually want to do a complete overhaul of our bedroom with new furniture, a king size bed, new bed linens, etc., this won’t be happening for a while.  But, getting the room painted makes it feel 100 times better already 🙂


Now the ceiling is a bright white…what a difference painting the ceiling can make.  For the walls we chose a charcoal gray, which I am loving!  It is Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray (HC-168).  This is the first time I have chosen such a dark color, and I was definitely nervous, but it turned out perfect.  I actually think I could have gone a little darker.

We have beautiful wainscoting panels on the walls and we debated painting the wainscoting trim white, but finally decided on doing it all gray and just painting the window/door trim, base trim and doors white. We tried it both ways before making our decision and with such a dark gray, the white trim on the wainscoting seemed too harsh of a contrast all over the walls.  This is what it would have looked like with the white trim on the wainscoting, but a much darker gray.

As I was painting the wainscoting trim gray, which took quite a while, I was very happy with our decision because if I painted that trim white I probably would still be painting.

Here are some before and after pictures.  It is quite a transformation!


IMG_0401 IMG_0399IMG_0506




IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0551

I added some simple white sheer curtains from Pottery Barn and some (more) crystal lamps from Home Goods.  The room is slowly starting to come together as the romantic getaway I was hoping for.

Here is my eventual plan for designing the room…

  • Dark wood furniture
  • All white bed linens
  • Gray rug w/ a modern pattern
  • A touch of color for an accent (color to be determined, but maybe yellow???)
  • Chair or tufted bench for a sitting area

Like I said, it will be quite a while before we start buying bedroom furniture so this plan could completely change by the time we actually start buying things, but in the meantime it is fun to design our bedroom on Pinterest.

And, this is not the end of this project…check back to see what else we decided to take on.



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