DIY Coasters

DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty

I would not call myself a crafty person at all, but every once in a while I do enjoy taking on a DIY project.  I have been wanting to make DIY coasters for a while now because I have seen so many great ones on Pinterest and this past weekend I finally took on the challenge.  I read so many different ways to make these before taking on the challenge, and I took a little bit of advice from several other bloggers.  I have to say, it was pretty easy and it wasn’t much of a challenge.  And, they turned out amazing!

Now when I say these were easy, I mean ANYONE can give this project a try.  You don’t have to have any craft skills so don’t be intimidated. To give you a little perspective on my crafty side…this is my first time using Mod Podge.  I had no idea what it was when I bought it in the store and I still have no idea how it actually works, but it does.

Here is what you need:

  • 4”x4” tiles (I got a 9 pack at Lowes for under $4, like these.  The texture of the tiles really added to the design.)
  • Designs/pictures, formatted to a 4”x4” square and printed out on regular printer paper
  • Mod Podge (I used the Matte Finish because I like the look of it, but you can also choose to go with the glossy finish if you prefer. It can be purchased at any craft store.)
  • Sponge brush to apply the Mod Podge
  • Felt pads to protect your furniture (If you think I was going to put a tile directly on my new furniture you don’t know me well enough quite yet 🙂 )

First find, format and print out your designs of choice.  I stuck with a gray-scale, but I would love to try these with color as well.  I just searched online for free printables and was able to find a great selection of designs to use.  When cutting them out, make sure to leave a little extra paper around the edges of the image so it is easier to work with.

Make sure the tiles are clean.  Apply two coats of the Mod Podge to the top side of the tiles, letting it dry in between coats.

DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty

Once the tiles are completely dry, apply a coat of Mod Podge directly to the image.

DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty

Lay the image face down onto the side of the tile that you had applied Mod Podge to and carefully press down.  Use a credit card/gift card to help get all of the air bubbles out.  Be careful not to rip the paper.

DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty

Place the tiles on a baking sheet and bake at 170 degrees for 20 min.

Let the tiles cool.  Once the tiles are cool enough to touch, rub off the paper using a little water and your thumb/finger.  You don’t want to use too much water because this will wipe off the image.  This is most time consuming part of this DIY project.  Your thumbs/fingers will start to hurt after a little while so feel free to take as many breaks as you want.  One tip… I printed some designs out in black and white and I found that when rubbing off the paper the colors were smudging together.  I thought I was going to have to toss these ones, but I ran it under a little bit of water as I was rubbing off the paper and it seemed to resolve the issue, but it did dull the image just a little.  I did not have this problem with the gray ones though.

DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty

After rubbing off all of the paper, apply two more coats of the Mod Podge to seal the image on the tiles.  Let it dry over night.

DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty

Finally, add the felt pads to the back of the coasters to prevent them from scratching your furniture and you are done!  Pretty, functional and inexpensive!  These would make a super cute gift.

DIY Coasters - LiveDineParty

I love how they turned out and I think my husband is pretty impressed too!  I will be using these in my family room and I have another DIY coaster project for my outdoor space that I will be sharing with you once my dad cuts some wood for me. Hmmm…maybe I am becoming a little crafty 🙂



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