Kitchen…Quick Update

So, I had previously shared our first house project…painting the kitchen.  It was quite an improvement from what we started with, but it didn’t feel quite finished yet.  We needed to update the curtains too!

Curtains are one of those things that are so overwhelming to look for.  There are a million styles, colors, patterns…etc.  And, you could easily spend a small fortune on them. I started off my search by looking for  modern, geometric pattern panel curtains that were tan and white to go with the rest of the room.  I would love to put in some white cafe style plantation shutters to add some privacy as well.

Here are a few options I was thinking of…


Ikat Key Curtain (Flax) – West Elm


Taupe Gatehill Curtain – Kirklands

Then, I went to Pottery Barn to look for rugs for our family room and I came across these…


Allegra Palampore Drape – Pottery Barn

I took a picture of them to show my husband and left the store because I was not even looking for curtains.  When I got home I realized that I really liked them and they were on sale and I had a coupon.  So, I went online and figured I would order them.  If I didn’t end up liking them, I could always just return them.  Well, the shipping cost was absolutely ridiculous so I called the store where I saw them to make sure they had the right size, had them put the curtains on hold and drove all the way back to the store to pick them up (which is not that close).  Ugh…why does Pottery Barn always rope me in.

Well I’m glad I went back and got them because they look perfect in our kitchen.


IMG_0336 IMG_0335

A completely different look than I was going for.  I love the red in it, which goes with all of our other accents in the kitchen.  And, I’m glad I went with some color instead of sticking with the tan and white because it really livens up the room. What do you think???

Now all we need is a kitchen table…maybe by next year 🙂


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