Christmas Table


Although we won’t be hosting Christmas day dinner at our new house this year and I sadly won’t be able to decorate our dinner table, I thought I would share my Christmas dinner table design from last year. I had so much fun creating this design.

First, the centerpiece:

Christmas Table Decor - LiveDinePartyI wanted my Christmas table theme to be all red & white, and the perfect Christmas time decoration that is red & white is candy canes!  I started with the centerpiece and based the rest of table design around that.  I used a simple cylindrical vase and attached candy canes around the outside.  First, I unwrapped all of the candy canes (carefully 🙂 ). To attach the candy canes I used double-sided tape. I wrapped two big pieces, one around the top and one around the bottom of the vase and carefully pressed each candy cane on. I used double-sided tape as time saver, but I wish I had taken the time and used a hot glue gun to glue each candy cane on. I think the result would have been more resistant to getting a little water splashed on it when watering the flowers.  Another tip, candy canes break easily so work slowly and carefully. Some are already broken before you take them out of the package so buy extras! To stick to the red and white theme, I decided on white flowers (I used roses and carnations as a filler) and some red berries. It turned out perfect!

Christmas Table Decor - LiveDineParty

Christmas Table Decor - LiveDineParty

Now, the place setting:

Christmas Table Decor - LiveDinePartyAlthough, I’m not a fan of assigned seats at a family dinner, I used place cards to add to table design.  I used mini candy canes to create the place card holders and printed out everyone’s name on cardstock.  To create the candy cane holders, you will need three unwrapped mini candy canes and a hot glue gun.  Run the hot glue gun along the straight edge of one mini cane and attach it to the straight edge of a second mini candy cane so the hooks  are positioned to hold the place card, like an easel.  Add more glue and attach the third mini candy cane for support so that it looks like a tripod.  Add a small ribbon at the top and you are done!  Now, just design the names on your computer and print.

The one idea that I found on Pinterest that I absolutely had to steal was using mini Christmas stockings as flatware holders.  After some searching, I was able to find the mini stockings at Michaels for a very reasonable price.  I also bought the red and white striped ribbon that I used to wrap the plates in at Michaels.  I wanted the plates to look like presents!  I bought a ribbon with a wire edge so that the ribbon would hold its shape.  Although it was a little more difficult to work with, the finished product had the look I wanted.  Finally, I used a red table cloth to tie the red and white theme together.

Christmas Table Decor - LiveDineParty

Overall, I was so happy with how the design turned out and all of our guests loved it too!

I have so many ideas for my next Christmas table, but I guess they will have to wait until next year 🙂

I might glam it up a little for next year so stay tuned!



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