Exciting News…

We are buying a house!!!!

House - LiveDineParty

I am very superstitious and I have been holding back on sharing this news for over a month now.  But, today everything was finally finalized so I’m so excited to share the news.  The last month has been crazy busy, but I know one thing for sure I do not plan on putting myself through this process again for at least another 15 years.  The entire process from waiting to hear back on our offer, to the inspection, to signing the P&S, to getting the appraisal done has definitely been overwhelming at times, but it will all be forgotten once we can call it home.

After losing out on two houses in bidding wars this past Spring, we were so discouraged with the housing market in the Greater-Boston area that we had pretty much given up.  Why do people feel the need to pay way over the asking price??? It is an asking price, you should pay below that people!  And then we would watch HGTV and people were buying mansions for $300k in other parts of the country and it always seemed like people’s offers were always accepted, it just didn’t seem fair.  Sorry for venting a little, but it was stressful 🙂

Looking back now, I’m pretty happy we lost out on those houses because this house is just perfect for us.  It is in a small, picturesque town outside of Boston.  It has an amazing yard, the screened-in-porch I had to have, the character we wanted, a somewhat updated kitchen, a master bath and walk-in closet and it still has areas for improvement/projects where we can put our stamp on it.  And it is true what they say, you will have to give up something on your must have list.  For those of you that follow me on Pinterest, I did give up on having an amazing laundry room and huge kitchen, but hopefully not for too long :).  We are set to close on the house in mid-December, just in time to be living out of boxes for Christmas!  I am so excited to start cooking and entertaining in our new home and sharing it with all of you.

So, I apologize in advance if my blogging is a little more sporadic over the next few months while we pack and move.

And now, I’m officially spending the rest of my evening picking out paint colors with some champagne…



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