Grilling with My In-laws

Trying to hold on to summer for one more weekend…my in-laws visited recently and with the weather being absolutely perfect, there is no better dinner to serve than something off the grill.  And with the nice weather coming to an end soon, I need to take advantage of grilling for as long as possible.  My husband is the grill master in our family so it also means cooking dinner is a little easier for me since I only have to worry about the side dishes and dessert.

Grilling with My In-laws

The Menu

Main Course: Grilled NY Strip Steaks, seasoned with olive oil and salt and pepper

Side Dishes:  Lemon Risotto and Grilled Vegetables

Dessert: Pound Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Blueberries and Whipped Cream

**Check back for recipes for the above menu items.

The Table Setting

This dinner was just a visit and no special occasion so I decided to keep the table setting very casual.  I decided to serve dinner at our breakfast bar instead of doing a full table setting.  We are not fancy people so there is no need to go over the top for every dinner.  However, loving to entertain as much as I do, I had to dress up the breakfast bar just a little J.  I picked up some fresh summer flowers from our local farm stand for the centerpiece.  Adding a simple centerpiece is sometimes all you need to add a little excitement for a casual dinner party.

Summer Flowers



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