From the Farm to My Pasta Bowl…

Jarring Tomatoes - LiveDineParty

I’m dedicating this post to my Papa, who passed away last year.  I have so many amazing memories of him and one of those memories is him and my Nana jarring tomatoes.  He loved going to the farm every August and picking tons of tomatoes to jar them for the entire family.  When you would go down to the cellar, the jarred tomatoes would be stock piled.

Although it will never be the same without him, this year my dad decided to carry on the tradition.  My husband and I recently spent an August weekend with my family helping and learning the process.  15 bushels (750 lbs) of tomatoes later, I think we will have enough tomatoes for Sunday dinners this year!  It is a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun.  It also gets pretty messy so don’t try this in a fancy kitchen and don’t wear nice clothes while doing it either!

Here is the quick version of the steps in the process.  It sounds a lot easier than it is 🙂

  • Check and wash each tomato.  Any rotten spots should be removed.
  • Bring the tomatoes to a boil.

Jarring Tomatoes - LiveDineParty

  • Let the excess water drain out of the tomatoes.

Jarring Tomatoes - LiveDineParty

  • Run the tomatoes through tomato press several times until there is no more puree coming out of them.

Jarring Tomatoes - LiveDineParty Jarring Tomatoes - LiveDinePartyJarring Tomatoes - LiveDineParty

  • Fill the washed jars with fresh basil and the tomato puree.

Jarring Tomatoes - LiveDinePartyJarring Tomatoes - LiveDineParty

  • Boil the jars to seal them.

Jarring Tomatoes - LiveDineParty

Now the tomatoes are ready to be made into the perfect sauce for a dish of macaroni!



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